About Us

Let us Introduce ourselves. We are quite literally just “A Couple Of Mommies.” We are cousins and best friends! We started making elderberry syrup together, in our homes a few years ago, while looking at natural ways to stay healthy. Kimberly, is mom to four beautiful children, and I’m mom to two beautiful children. Elderberry syrup made such a huge difference for our families. We wanted others to experience the difference we had. We started offering elderberry syrup to our family and friends, and soon we were being asked to make it for people. We decided we wanted to give others in the community the option to buy our elderberry syrup, which is free of preservatives and additional sugar. We also wanted to be able to provide a much higher quality syrup at more affordable cost than the commercial elderberry syrups currently in stores. Through word of mouth “A Couple Of Mommies” was born. It’s our mission to spread wellness to our community through our love of elderberry with our elderberry products. We have witnessed first hand what this wonderful berry can do for people and their families. It brings us great joy to be able to offer the finest quality ingredients, and a great tasting syrup to you. We make sure to provide a product that families can trust. Our syrup is lab tested through Clemson University. We are also registered with the FDA and produce our products in a DHEC approved commercial kitchen. We are also LLC’d and insured. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful friends we have met so far and are looking forward meeting more of you.